rainy day adventures

Rain was forecast today. And so it did. Most all day. As I write this at 8pm, the rain just now appears to have moved out. There may even be a sunset.

The breakfast served at the hotel each morning has a wide variety of foods and beverages, including the specialty drink of the chef. – a mixture of turmeric, ginger, and orange juice. It has some kind of good health properties. I did try it the first day, but it’s not really to my liking.

It’s the small glass in the center.

The view while enjoying breakfast makes most everything delicious. That’s Nólsoy Island across the water. It’s the easiest island to get to from Tórshavn, foot traffic only. We’ll not be able to fit it in this trip, but will get there when we return.

After breakfast we headed east, then almost due north. Such a beautiful drive out of Tórshavn. (We passed by the prison.)

In addition to the sheep always seen, the geese and cows made there appearance.

Here’s the weird thing…. from our high up road location, we could see a mass of cows running in one direction. We joked that they were hurrying to get in place for when our descent would be complete and we’d drive by. As we approached the cows, it was clear they were all lined up and even jostling for position. Crazy!

We continued north up the east coast of Streymoy Island (our lodging Island),

crossing over to Eysturoy Island, and continuing north all the way to the northernmost village.

We then drove across the top of Eysturoy, negotiating a good number of hairpin turns.

Stopping for delicious bowls of soup,

we had made it to the top of the island.

Following the path to the cliff’s edge,

we were once again gifted with the presence of puffins, a hundred or more, all perched in their burrows. What a thill it was to watch them soar out and then return to the welcoming gestures of their burrow mates.

The return drive was under heavier rains, with increased size and numbers of waterfalls.

It was a glorious day, even with all the rain. Clear skies tonight, our last night on the Faroe Islands. It’s going to be really hard for me tomorrow when we depart. Knowing we intend to return, certainly helps.

In the meantime, we have most of tomorrow on the islands, and then two more days in Iceland.

One thought on “rainy day adventures”

  1. Thank you so much for definitely giving us the “feel” of these islands !! In the rain the colors are more vivid and that waterfall picture so gorgeous…makes even me want to go there, me who hate to travel ! The architecture and fields and animals…what a breath of fresh air from how many of us live today — the soup ! It looks so good!! I’ll be looking forward to see what more you find in Iceland. I have another friend in Iceland who posts on my FB page of her pictures. Lots of beauty there too as you already know. Thank you again…it’s been so educational for me and I’ve loved the beauty.


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