Choreography was at the center of yesterday’s arrivals. At one point both my brother and I were in the air at the same time soaring to the same destination. Since our landing times were hours apart, pickup and subsequent activities required choreography.

There was a kind of choreography even as I landed. Having arrived 30 minutes early, the meticulous planning that airlines must do was thrown off. The captain informed us there was another plane at our gate and we must wait until it departed to park and deplane.

While we waited, idling between gates and runways, I could see outside my windows another kind of choreography. Aircraft was arriving and departing, making their way from gate to runway, from runway to gate. I had a front row seat.

While this transportation played out, other transport choreography was at play. My pickup party was caught in traffic by a drawbridge in the up position. An unexpected choreographic move brought them to a temporary halt.


Soon I was standing in my place as my pickup pulled into that same space and reunion was sweet and joyful.

But wait, there’s more….

The Sounders, the local MLS team was soon to begin play. And this family has season tickets. So off we went to to the soccer game. My daughter-in-law, my grandson, and me. What a surprise! It shouldn’t have been, as this family seems to move about in its choreographed activities with great regularity.

So I took in a soccer game. Talk about choreography! The scene on the field was precision as the ball was in play  they went on to win, with a great fireworks display.


Todd showed up at half-time, surprising me; then he was off to the airport for my brother’s arrival.


We all arrived home at just about the same time. It would have been exact, but that pesky drawbridge made another choreographed move.

The day ended with evening conversation around the fire.


By then my time-choreography askew, I retired to bed.  I had been awake for 20 hours as I moved through distance and time and I had one final move left, a pirouette into bed .

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