grandchildren passages

I’m journeying to Texas today to visit the spaces where my two oldest grandchildren are experiencing passages of some import.

Jack turned 19 this week, and has gone off to college.

Georgia, having graduated from college with a nursing degree 9 months ago, and secured a job, has moved into her own apartment.

They each will usher me into their new living and learning spaces. It’s important to me to share these spaces with each one for a time. I want to know what to visualize when I think of each of them.  I want to listen and to hear, to see and to experience these new chapters.

Their father, my oldest son, is about to experience a passage of his own.  At the end of this month, he will be separated from the U.S. Navy.  Having served 28 years as a naval aviator, his service to his country as a member of the military comes to a close. I expect there to be a “pre-separation” fete soon after I arrive.


All this has me thinking about passages as I myself move through the sky.

Life passages can form, revise, and restore. Especially if one is open to possibility. While I have less passage opportunities ahead of me than my children and grandchildren, I find I’m still in the mix of moving through and toward. I’ve no intention to dawdle.

Come along. Let’s see what these passages in Texas look like.

Traveling mercies.

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