moving along

I journeyed to North Texas this week for the purpose of experiencing firsthand the new spaces and places where members of my Texas family find themselves today.

Retirement, college, employment.

Time to visit a place often visited in the past.

A last coin challenge.

Time to commend and celebrate.

Time to visit the new.

And walk into dorm life for a visit.

Time to knock on a new door.

And catch a glimpse of employment.

And time to continue a decade-long tradition.

I have been in the midst of this family for a few days, and caught a glimpse of new wings. I navigated and negotiated Texas highways through gridlock, confusing highway signs, and thunderstorms.

I’ve had laughter, wonderful conversations, and walks where I caught a glimpse of others engaged in passages. Literally.

Now time for me to journey home, I’m filled with images of passages, memories of shared spaces, and joy in having experienced pieces of these passages myself.

Traveling mercies.

3 thoughts on “moving along”

    1. Yay !! Hmm just found this ! Looks like so much fun. Great to see where the grandkids are hanging out and huge congrats to Mark ! Love this blog.


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