dusk to sunset

Late this afternoon I returned to Skyspace for the day’s transition from dusk to night.

The description of what we might experience enticed me to sit in this space at the close of day.

“At dusk, as you gaze at blue sky through the oculus, the lights inside begin to change. Then the sky may appear as pink, green, or white depending on its contrast with the changing interior colors. Once the sun has completely set, the oculus appears solid black. What follows is a dazzling burst of fast-moving color that completely fills the space.”

Count me in to be dazzled.

Just as with sunrise, the lights began to change as the day became dusk and then night. Colors transformed the space.


And silencing as well. It’s hard to describe the experience of having been led through colors that accompany the day’s end, but it dazzles while also silencing.

From Skyspace we took that silent moment to the Buckyball installation. Created by Leo Villareal, it honors geodesic dome designer, Buckminster Fuller.

It’s an “out-loud” dazzling experience as lights in perpetual motion illuminate the double geodesic dome.

We deemed frozen yogurt a fitting way to bring this dazzling day to a close.

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