letting the light in

As I walked in and out and around the museum today, I was aware of how the sunny day colored the museum structures and grounds. Compare the photos on an earlier blog with these to see how the light transforms.

When the sun’s light is let in, everything is colored with a sense of warmth and welcome.

So I’m thinking about light in “light” of where I am these few days.

I’ve journeyed to Bentonville specifically for Crystal Bridges Museum. I’ve walked the museum grounds for two days on trails lit by sunlight shining through the leaves of the forest. I’ve been physically warmed by that light.

I’ve experienced the coming and going of the sun and its light by sitting in Skyspace. This art of light transforming night to day and back again was a profound experience for me.

After days of trails, I have finally stepped through the doors into the museum.

Art itself has the ability to color, warm and welcome.

Yes, that’s Michelle Obama. Talk about light!

We’ve been watching the progress of a mural painting in town. It is in conjunction with the upcoming Art for a New Understanding; Native Voices exhibition.

We had a lovely conversation with the artist, Yatika Fields, as he took a break. He spoke about the Native American presence in this area, and in context with bringing light to their historic experience.

Alice Walton was driven by a desire to make art available to all. She yearned for art as a child, but access to art was elusive for her and for other children in this community.

Through Alice’s determination and passion, light had come into the lives of children and adult alike in this place.

I feel as though I’ve been fed by light during my time here, and I’ll most certainly return.

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