sit with me for awhile

Today I leave this place and journey home.

Sitting outside at Onyx Coffee, it’s a beautiful morning. The sky is covered with a variety of clouds just passing through.

Along with others, I have passed through this place as well.

I’m thinking about that as I prepare to depart while I enjoy my new favorite espresso drink, Cortado, served with sparkling water.

Eight others were seated with me in Skyspace the other evening.

A young woman we had just met outside the space. as we waited to enter. She was traveling from New York to Tulsa to Texas. Passing through Crystal Bridges she wondered if staying for the Turrell sunset “show” would be worth it. We assured her it was. As the experience came to a close, she mouthed “thank you”.

Two young men wearing headphones settled in on the floor.

A woman from Nashville with whom I had shared the hotel elevator earlier in the day.

A young couple perusing a map as they awaited dusk.

A woman who sat still, and although there was a phone in her lap, she never joined the rest of us as we constantly raised ours to photograph the changing images.

And my best friend.

Last evening we sat in the park on Main Street watching the fountains that encircle the confederate monument.

We were joined for awhile by frisbee-playing youth; a young Hispanic family; members of the 7th Confederate Bikers Battalion; a variety of couples and friends.

Mixtures in both spaces. Similarly seem in the finished mural.

In this time in which we live, where the “mixtures” don’t always mix, it gave me pause.

Probably every person is some mixture of wanting to feel a sense of commonality and shared experience with others but also wanting to feel completely singular and unique. Leslie Jamison

I’m soon to board my flight for home, knowing this place will call me back.

Traveling mercies.

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