land of enchantment

I’m traveling once again. This time to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Known as The Land of Enchantment” because of the state’s scenic beauty and its rich history, it holds a special place in my soul.

It IS beautiful!  There is nothing like a blue New Mexico sky. Nor is there anything like the Sangre de Christo mountains as the aspen trees turn to gold. Or the pastel colored canyons of Georgia O’Keffee land. Or… many “ors”.

In May Sarton’s poem Of the Seasons, she writes,


While I will be there in fall, not spring or summer, I’ll be watching for views of leopard-land. Here’s a view from travel years ago.


I’m meeting a dear friend who will have celebrated her 75th birthday a couple of days before we meet.  We have been friends for 45 years, and we share some New Mexico history.  Her desire for this milestone in her life, was for us to meet for a few days in this land of enchantment.

My sons spent a month every summer in this place of wonder. The first year they came, in 1983, my friend and I drove from Houston to Pecos, NM, to pick up my boys and bring them home.

I was the new owner of a Toyota Celica. At a time when the United States had pretty much ceased producing convertibles, Toyota, sensing renewed interest in convertibles, was converting Celicas into convertibles. I bought one while the kids were at camp.

We drove the 800 miles from Houston to Santa Fe in “Flashdance”. It was quite a road trip across Texas into Northern New Mexico. I had just earned my Masters Degree in Public Health and would soon be employed, so this time of pre-employment life and of celebration, was a good fit for hitting the road with a good friend.


Adding a few days into the pick-up-kids itinerary, we traveled around this area of northern New Mexico. We booked our lodging at La Posada de Chimayó. It was a wonderful retreat from the usual lodging we had all experienced in the 70’s and 80’s.  Located near Chimayó, we settled into the guest house and began a friendship with our innkeeper, Sue.

We have remained friends all these years with this extraordinary woman. We will meet her in the village of Chimayó to share a meal and catch up.

I’ll be airborne shortly. Three hours later I’ll be back in the Land of Enchantment.

Traveling mercies.

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