rain coming and going

After three days of lovely weather, a rain front moved through in waves throughout yesterday.

There was a scarcity of people as we moved through the day. With the scarcity of people came an abundance of parking spaces. A rain perk.

As always, coffee to begin the day. This time a new coffee roastery find. 35˚ North Coffee Roasters. A return visit in the afternoon.

In and out of art spaces filled the spaces between waves of rain.

35˚ North

Santa Fe Clay

SITE Santa Fe. Jacob Hashimoto’s The Dark Isn’t the Thing to Worry About

Paola Soleri Amphitheater (now fenced and left to the elements).

This photo is from many years ago as it looked when constructed. I’ve carried a clipping from New Mexico magazine with me on many trips to Santa Fe, one time actually visiting the site. I’ve always wanted to return.


and now.

Collaborations of God and man revealed as the day progressed.

And too, made by man alone.

A final art experience to end the rainy day. Music. A concert with Sikh Snatam Kaur and her band. She is an American singer, songwriter and author. She performs new age Indian devotional music, kirtan, and tours the world as a peace activist.

The two and one-half hours of chants and song involved a lot of audience participation, as we all joined in the chanting, calling for love and peace. A quietly stilling and uplifting experience.

It has been good to return to this place where I have journeyed in times past with this dear friend.

Homeward bound in a few hours.

Traveling mercies.

One thought on “rain coming and going”

  1. At last I am back on track ! These are beautiful pictures and makes me want to go there ! Someone would have to hold my wallet. I went back and read all I have missed and loved the trip !


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