faithful and faith-filled work

So…. I received a rather august honor this morning. As I mentioned in the previous blog, I was a delegate, along with 500 others, to the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta’s Annual Council, representing my Saint James parish.

There was the business of the church to tend to, along with stirring stories and videos about the ministries led by Episcopalians in this diocese of upper and middle Georgia.


It was a great gathering of the faithful and the faith-filled, with the gift of the presence of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. He is amazing. His sermon at Friday’s Eucharist was filled with Bishop Curry’s “moves”, exhortations, laughter, prayer and praise.

I reunited with many whom I have known and served with for the fifteen years I have been in this diocese.  My hours were filled with glorious joys, spiritual wonder, and inspiring possibilities for how to create innovative programs to engage parishioners in the work of the church.

My hours were also filled with encounters that suggested ways in which I might be called to serve that could transform lives, including my own. I returned home with renewed energy and enthusiasm as an member of “the Episcopal Branch of The Jesus Movement”.

And about that honor…each of the eleven convocations of the diocese nominated a person who embodies the purpose statement of the diocese of Atlanta: We challenge ourselves and the world to love like Jesus as we worship joyfully, serve compassionately and grow spiritually.

I was a recipient of the Bishop’s Cross. It was both a high and humbling experience.

It will be a reminder that there is much opportinity for and expectation of service ahead for me.

4 thoughts on “faithful and faith-filled work”

  1. A huge congratulations ! You have done good work and I am glad it is recognized and I am sure rewarding for you. I know you try to live the journey everyday in your examples of kindness.


  2. Ginny, I wish a sincere and loving congratulations on your receiving such a wonderful and well deserved honor. I’m sure the “Bishops Cross” will a place in your home/office where you can see it often. Very proud of you. Love, Rick

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