finding still

A 3-hour drive drive down from the mountains this morning was easier than usual.

Still, there was some congestion and one rather severe looking multi-car accident. Traffic is always slowed in these situations, giving one time to be a voyeur. And time to consider how close one came to being a player in this event.

“Well, I’m glad I stopped at Starbucks back in Oakwood.”

I know. It’s not Oakwood, but it IS a Starbucks image from recent travel.

Later as I navigate through town, a timely reminder as I dart in and out of traffic, realizing at the last moment I need to exit now! A wave of thanks to the car in my rear mirror.

As Hartsfield-Jackson nears, choreography steps in and directs moves that will eventually spin you to your gate.

It’s a bustling place! There’s little time to do more than move from kiosk to kiosk.

This day I found an invitation to stop and be still for a period. Walking through the terminal to get to the streamlined security lanes, I heard sweet voices. I detoured to the atrium area to find the sound.

There they were. Children. Singing a version of Silent Night I’d not heard. My preference is for no Christmas music until the latter days of Advent. I made an exception this day as I stood listening, as the sweet sound stilled me, gave me pause.

A combination train ride and walk brought me out to the international terminal where I have access to a lounge. As the escalator brought me up a level, more beautiful sounds.

I detoured once again to find the source of these beautiful melodies. There…an acoustic guitar player in the midst of airport busyness.

I think it’s important to listen, and watch too, for these unexpected gifts of soul-stilling. Gentle reminders to be still. And know.

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