preparations to take leave

As you know, I’m in Houston for my best friend’s last Sunday service at the church where she had served for twenty-one years. Having served in a place for as long as she has, leave-taking involves tasks and time.

The service of Holy Eucharist with special liturgy for leaving is today. The past three days have been filled with tasks.

Leaving is nigh, but 1st….

office packing-up…

a wedding rehearsal…

a food truck dinner with Eucharist…

another day of packing…

and prepping a turkey for and early Thanksgiving meal tomorrow…

and then the wedding…

followed by a another Tex-mex feast with family members here for the day ahead…

It’s been quite a busy few days, with memories flowing forth as old photographs are discovered, and as numerous items recall past times of adventures. It’s been a time of great reflection of lives lived and shared for so many years.

For the parish the shared life with their rector comes to a close today. My shared life with this parish comes to a close as well. I’m soon to be in the mix of a very special family of Christ as we share these moments of taking-leave.

Shortly I will post what we can expect at today’s service.

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