epiphany january 21

After a day of parish events – services, breakfast, vestry installation and annual meeting, I was ready to head to the hills. The northern New Mexico mountains.

With a 8:30 pm departure and eventual 1am arrival at our Santa Fe hotel, it was a long day. But having a destination to which I longed to return, the hours passed easily.

A 400-step walk from the hotel to 35 degree North Coffee this morning, brought me to the cup that would begin the day. As I sipped my first cup of the day, I pondered – how can I lift the cup of my life to God this day.

From today’s Daily Office I read Psalm 25:1. To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.

That became my intent today. To lift up my soul. As I walked the labyrinth on the grounds of St. Francis Cathedral, a favorite song came to mind. It is well with my Soul.

As the song played in my head, it seemed to me I might be lifting up my soul through the prayers uttered as I walked the labyrinth. Ice obstacles on the surfaces of the labyrinth reminded me of the need to be intentional in all things.

Leaving Santa Fe a short time later, we chose to drive what is known as the “High Road” to Taos. This route is through small towns and villages, up through Carson National forest.

Expansive views along the way invite one’s soul to soar.

At last. Our destination.

Now in for the night.

It is well
With my soul
It is well, it is well with my soul

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