epiphany january 22

At 4:45 am my weather app said it was snowing. With sunrise in 2 1/2 hours, it was too dark to see if this was true. I wandered around the casa until I found a light switch for the patio.

It was true!

Snow has a way of quieting things. It covers over and makes things unseen. I love the hush of snow.

Inside it’s not quite as quiet because I have built a morning fire and it’s “exploding” a bit as it burns.

It won’t come as a surprise that my traveling friend is into quiet centering and contemplative prayer in the mornings. Not so much for me. I like to greet the new day with conversation and busyness.

Today I was invited into her space of quiet, and I accepted. It began with a gong. Of course.

Words of Martin Luther King, Jr. were spoken, with an invitation to chose one word that touched my heart. Then ponder that word in silence, and consider the invitation that word is offering me today.

I chose trail. I’m thinking about how trail can be something you follow, or something you blaze for others to follow.

Given that each day I’m pondering how can I lift the cup of my life to God, it may be that I’m to walk with God in such a manner that others might feel drawn to do so in their own lives. That sounds kind of presumptuous.

But I’m sincere and intentional about the trail I find I am forging at this time in my life. Perhaps others will come along.

As I write this, the snow continues to fall. It is SO beautiful.
It’s a luxury to have no place we must be this morning. This afternoon is another story as we HAVE to be at our massage appointments.

Traveling mercies for sure.

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