cups of community

So I got my hair cut yesterday.

I should have done this before I began travel. I just had “too few minutes” to do so.

Showing up in a part of the country with no humidity, in need of a haircut, was a recipe for a rather unkempt look.

I purchased a new ear cuff from a Native American artisan selling her wares on the Santa Fe Plaza. I love the cuff, but it’s clear there is a need for hair shaping.

A community helped me look sharp once again.

Abby, our ceramic artist friend, volunteered to see if her stylist might have an opening. Surprisingly she did.

I met Marie later that day.

When we arrived she was finishing with a customer. Immediately drawn into conversation, we found we had other communities in common.

Conversation with Marie was rich. I’m so glad she came into my life for a time.

And then I was transformed.

Having dinner later in the day, we ran into the other customer and had brief reunion of conversation and hair talk. It was nice to have a moment of recognition with a stranger who is a stranger no longer.

As I write this, I am seated in community at the Coffee Apothecary. We met Lydia and Pablo about three years ago. They had just opened their coffee shop and we became friendly right away. Reunion each year is great fun.

Surrounded by community in a community were I find myself just once a year. A blessing for sure.

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