art and air

I’m on my way once again. While the impetus for this trip is an art exhibit in Dallas, the real joy will be spending time with my older son and my daughter-in-law. Possibly my granddaughter as well.

I recently read an article about Ida O’Keeffe. She was the younger sister of the much better known Georgia O’Keeffe. Having not been supported by either her sister, or by someone who would take it upon themselves to showcase her work, Ida did not have the success Georgia did. However, that’s not to say she didn’t possess artistic talent. In fact she did. An exhibit of 30 of her works is on display at the Dallas Museum of Art.

The image above, Variation on a Lighthouse Theme II is by Ida O’Keeffe.

While I never really need an excuse to visit my son, the opportunity to attend this exhibit, inspired me to make the trip.

I think it’s interesting to consider what influences in our lives “make or not-make” us. Ida did not have a relationship with an individual who could showcase, spotlight, her work. as her sister, Georgia, enjoyed. How much difference do you suppose that made in their lives?  I’d venture say quite a bit.

In this particular sister relationship, the more “positioned” sister reacted to the praise her younger sister was receiving, and ordered her to quit painting.  When Ida refused, she found herself cut off from support and supporters and eventually turned to a career in nursing and teaching. She even founded the art department at the University of North Carolina and worked on technical drawings of aircraft during World War II.

The article that inspired me to journey to this exhibit asks us to consider the ways we might define a successful life. The author states “…yes, Georgia achieved lasting fame in her chosen field. But Ida reminds us of the importance of complicated lives – lived deeply and well – lived on their own terms”.          Below, Creation.


I live a pretty complicated life. And somewhat on my own terms. In a good way. My “complicated” life has kept me energized and engaged. I admit at times it can be an effort to juggle all the pieces, but I’d rather be faced with juggling than not.

But I digress. While I’m so looking forward to this museum trip, there’s another facet of this particular travel experience that literally lights me up. If all goes the way it’s scheduled to go, I will be chauffeured from Atlanta to Dallas by my son. I’m flying Southwest Airlines and he is scheduled to be the Captain on this flight! I have longed to fly with him. Today may be the day I do just that.

It’s a complicated proposition. I’ll leave home around 5am for the 2-3 hour slog to Atlanta. He’ll fly to Atlanta from wherever he has spent the night. We have to trust that Southwest will not reroute him as a pilot on a different route. This often happens. We shall see if all the complications align and I’ll be standing in the gate area when his plane pulls up and he gets off the plane looking for me.

Stay tuned.


Traveling mercies.

2 thoughts on “art and air”

  1. Wow. Very sad story of how Georgia, the famous sister, instructed her younger sister to stop painting. Such differences in their styles. Makes me a bit less of a fan.


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