proud joy

It worked!

Walking up to my gate, there he was! Holding a bag of my favorite candy. He was 1st off the plane because he said “my work was done”.

Actually some “work” remained. I was to be escorted on first, after he first took my bag onboard and stowed it.

Such treatment!

We stopped off at Mark’s office, I mean the cockpit, before I found my real seat.

I really received the royal treatment. EARLY boarding escorted by the Captain.

Just before takeoff, I heard Mark welcoming everyone onboard. Along with a shout-out to his mom. Lots of passengers clapped and I called out “that’s my boy”!




As I said, I have longed for the time I’d fly on Southwest with Mark as my pilot. That day came today. Such Joy. And such pride.

7 thoughts on “proud joy”

  1. What a wonderful thrill for and so cool how open Mark was about having his mom along during his flight. Even got a comment from your seat mate. I would love to get on a flight someday and have Mark as my pilot.


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