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As I mentioned previously, the initial reason for this trip was an art exhibit at the Dallas Art Museum.

I’m just so intrigued with the story of Ida O’Keeffe. And of the story of the O’Keeffe sisters, Georgia and Ida. About what could have been, and what was.

It seems Ida may have been as talented a painter as Georgia.

Georgia O’Keeffe had a show every year in New York. Her husband, the photographer and gallery owner, Alfred Stieglitz, made this possible. “No other female American artist in the 1920s and ’30s enjoyed this kind of opportunity to have their work presented, including O’Keeffe’s talented younger sister, Ida.” While Stieglitz was keen on his sister-in-law and her art, sibling rivalry impacted Ida’s artistic future. There was only room for one painter in the family.

It didn’t help that Stieglitz had a “roving eye, and sent some ‘racy letters'” to Ida. Relations between the sisters became strained, and when support for Ida’s work waned and being unable to support herself, she was unable to continue her work.

One wonders what she, and the rest of us lost.

I wrote those words before I entered the museum. Here is what I experienced:

The O’Keeffe exhibit did not disappoint. Rather, it exceeded my expectations.

Generally when I visit a museum exhibit I don’t spend a lot of time reading every last written note that accompanies the exhibit.

Like the text that sets the tone and explains the story behind the exhibit. Like the description accompanying each piece framed and hung.

This time was different. I devoured the words.

The introduction as we entered the exhibit told about the special sister relationship Georgia had with her three sisters, especially with Ida. A short film showed the sisters in happy times.

It went on to portray how the relationship changed. Georgia’s patron, and husband took an interest in Ida. And Ida had an exhibit of her own. It was then that Georgia declared “one artist in a family was enough”.

Although Ida never enjoyed the fame and recognition of her older sister, she did have an accomplished life as nurse, teacher, author and even as artist.

There were a number of similarities in the paintings by Ida and Georgia, which I found fascinating.

Ida. Sea Shells.

Georgia. Shell No. 2

Ida. Mushroom.

Georgia. Abstraction.

One can only imagine how the world would have been enriched by Ida O’Keeffe’s art. However, I believe the world was enriched by her art that does exist, her nursing, her teaching, and the myriad of other ways she touched the lives around her. And by those of us now being introduced to her. My son and daughter-in-law enjoyed this introduction to Ida as much as I did.

Outside the museum is a public park and during the lunch hour food trucks offer all kinds of delicious food. We enjoyed dining in the sun.

This rather impromptu trip gave me great joy. I traveled on a plane where my son was the pilot, I had time with my granddaughter and my grandson. I took in this marvelous art exhibit.

I am ending this day with a slog home, however. Due to severe storms in Atlanta earlier today, I’m delayed about two hours. It will be tomorrow by the time I arrive back home. Sometimes travel “happens”.

Traveling mercies.

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