16 steps

I’m in Houston for the second bookend of moving to a new home. A couple of weeks ago I was in town to help with packing up; I have returned to assist with unpacking of that which was packed up.

Lots of stepping up and stepping down. Sixteen steps up, and down again. Repeat often.

I’m definitely feeling my oldering knees. In the process of stair-stepping I have discovered work-arounds for managing the effort. I’ve found a variety of ways to decrease the impact on my wearing-out legs.

First Aid Kit sings “Gotta keep on going ….. keep on keeping on, yeah I just keep on keeping on”. That’s me for sure.

Every morning I walk down the street to the gates that hold this home and the others on this street securely. There I find the morning paper. Birds accompany me along the way. I’m certain there are owls around so I hoot back as they call out. They respond back. I’m told it’s more likely they are doves, but I’ve never heard of hooting doves.

So I make my way with birdsong and soaring tree-sky images as I step along.

This home is taking on the personality and love of its new owner. My stair-stepping time here has given me a place in this place. But oh my, my legs have had a workout!

The next trip here promises to be one filled with play. Much of the work of getting settled is behind us, and that which remains will continue as I return to my Georgia home. That means time to play!

This new home is located close enough to town that the question asked in the past, “do we want to drive all the way into town?” will no longer be asked. We are already there. I can’t wait take it all in. Art. Music. Food. Footpaths and trails.

For now I’m about to board my flight. I’m filled with laughing-out-loud, over and over, moments. Also filled with the joyous sight of Texas bluebonnets! Both soothe any weariness I feel.

Traveling mercies.

One thought on “16 steps”

  1. Wow I am sure this lovely person really appreciates you! Safe travels.

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