This is a day of waiting. Driving to Atlanta-Hartsfield for my trip to Houston, I was caught in the last minutes of morning rush hour, so I waited often for traffic to move through the “downtown connector”. Stop, wait, go. That’s an old saying.

Waiting now in my lounge for my departure. I’m grateful to have a pleasant place to wait. The bonus found in this place are Jelly Bellys! I’ve been known to gather extras to enjoy on my flight.

I have another wait after I arrive as I wait for my transportation. Perhaps three hours. I’m hopeful that likely I can gain entry to the KLM lounge at the international terminal.

There will be waiting in this space soon, as international flights depart later today.

So what to make of this waiting time. I’ve decided the best thing for me is to see the time as a gift. A gift to stop. To cease bustling for awhile. A time to contemplate, to pray.

I listened to the Fresh Air podcast as I drove this morning. Barbara Brown Taylor was interviewed in conjunction with the publishing of her new book, Holy Envy:Finding God in the Faith of Others.

One thing she spoke about resonated with me. She was talking about Judaism. One thing she found especially beautiful was the Shema, a Hebrew prayer. It comes from the Book of Deuteronomy. ” Hear O Israel, the Lord your God. The Lord is One,” shema being the Hebrew for hear.

She was attracted to it because in the Christian tradition it’s more about talking to God, and asking for things. And to begin by wanting to hear just seemed a wonderful thing.

I think I’ll begin to listen more.

I’m in a Deuteronomy place right now, (“now choose life”), so this seems to be a fit.

For now I wait for takeoff as the airplanes all find their places.

Romans 8:25 – “But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”

I’ve now passed through several waits this day, with more to come. I’m prepared.

Traveling mercies.

One thought on “waiting”

  1. Ginny we can talk more about the Shema if you want. I hope your sister fares well. Sending hugs. Temme

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