life’s rhythms

I’ve been in Houston for a few days to help pack up the contents of a home which will be transported to a new abode.

When one door closes,

another one opens.

There was a lot of organizing in preparation for the actual packing. We packed many items ourselves. Treasures that seem too precious to trust to professional packers’ hands. That’s an odd statement, isn’t it?

I think sometimes we feel no one can take as good of care of our treasured things as we can do ourselves. Regardless, it was a lot of loving work. Lots of special memories as treasured as the objects themselves.

In the midst of this home ending and home beginning, was another beginning and another ending.

Saturday evening we attended a service at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church. It was a service of celebration with a baptism and Holy Eucharist, as the parish’s new worship space was dedicated. Beth vested and processed with diocesan clergy. I sat with a dear friend who is a member of the parish. A packed church led an usher to seat the two of us in the seating reserved for clergy. Clearly the priesthood of all believers.

Lots of new finery in this new space.

Sunday morning we attended the final service at St. Timothy Episcopal Church. Its attendance and accompanying vitality has waned over a number of years and it was decided to shutter the parish. What it lacked in finery, it made up for in the presence of people, many of whom had returned for this last service.

I spent my last night at the rectory, a place I’ve felt at home for over twenty years. It was hard to walk away. But soon I shall return for my first night in the new home.

Endings. Beginnings

Now in midair gazing out as day becomes night. A beautiful ending outside my window.

Traveling mercies.

One thought on “life’s rhythms”

  1. Thanks for the ride, dear girl. Two days to get to Cape Canaveral 4 days there and 2 days back is far as I want to “fly”. Katherine


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