gardens, god time, gourmet tacos and the big game

Soon after landing yesterday, we drove straight to La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop. We were all hungry, and we wanted to check the food out as we had extended an invitation to other family members to meet here after church today. One word. Amazing!

Located in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood, we could have sampled tacos from a dozen shops. Having read about La Santisima earlier this year, it was the obvious choice. We added a serving of jicama-cranberry-mango guacamole to the meal. We also took advantage of the abundant salsa offerings.

Salsa pecan, salsa Chile de Arbol, salsa Cabo, salsa Seven Chiles. And many more.

Good sustenance for the next activity, Electric Desert at the Desert Botanical Gardens. There was enough daylight left to wander the gardens taking photos of birds and blooms.

Just after sunset, the light and sound show began. Seven locations throughout the gardens comprised the light and sound experience.

We wandered throughout the gardens surrounded by light and sound. We even tackled a steep-ish hill where caution was advised for our age group. Nighttime lights below, after a long day of travel.

An early morning walk was pure delight.

Then off to worship God.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church is my sister’s parish. My nephew and his wife are members as well. We all gathered for worship in the new sanctuary. I was struck with the beauty of the space, the beauty of the stained glass windows, and the exquisite locally crafted holy water fonts.

Approaching the table with my sister and brother to receive the bread and wine, took me back to long ago Sundays during our growing up years.

The lone, wild bird in lofty flight is still with thee, nor leaves thy sight.

And I am thine! I rest in thee, Great Spirit, come, and rest in me. H. R. McFayden.

The meal continued as we returned to La Santisima to share a table with three generations of cousins.

After two hours of feasting on gourmet tacos and conversation with family, we were all filled with that which will sustain us until we meet next time.

The day culminated with the game. The big game. The NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship. Baylor vs Notre Dame. I love both teams. I admire the coaches so much. I am passionate about the players and the sport. I didn’t really have a favorite this year. I did have hope that it would be an equal match. Right to the last seconds of the game it was hard fought. It was thrilling! We three holed up in the TV room for pre-game, game, and post-game coverage, relishing the experience.

Now as this Sabbath day closes, I’m grateful for the many ways I was nourished. Food. Family. Faith. AND the big game.


One thought on “gardens, god time, gourmet tacos and the big game”

  1. It’s sometimes better not to have a favorite. We are still battered and bruised from Auburn’s last seconds loss to Virginia 😫Katherine


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