a very large day

Years ago while riding on a ferry between Blacks Harbor, Maine and Grand Manan Island New Brunswick, Canada, a gentleman standing nearby exclaimed, “It’s a large day.” And so it was.

I have used this phrase many times since, when experiencing a particularly stupendous day. Today was such a day here in central Arizona. Forecast to be in the high 90’s today, we left reasonably early for a road trip. Destination the Florence-Kelvin Highway. It was a sixty mile drive to the beginning of the thirty-two mile journey through the Sonoran Desert.

I was delighted to find there was still quite a wonderful display of wildflowers along the entire route.  It won’t be long before the waters from recent rains dry up and the wildflowers fade.

We might have seen five cars along the route.  The road varied from paved to grated to sandy to grated and finally back to pavement.

Thousands of Saguaro Cacti covered the hills. We even spotted a Crested Saguaro.

So many cactus were in bloom.

We have found on previous trips that we three are good traveling companions.  We’re all agreeable with the kind of moseying down the road travel, u-turns and turn backs to take a further look at sights passed, stop and get out to walk off into the wildness.

And in the case of walking off into the wildness, being especially alert to rattlesnakes who are out sunning in this high heat. That got my attention! Fortunately none seen. None heard.

A short detour to view the Asarco Copper mine. Seen from above, the levels of mining were reflected in the various shades of tailings.  Giant trucks looked small.

One hundred eighty miles later, and back into civilization, we decided we deserved a cool gelato.



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  1. And the terrain so different from the N. GA mountains! Awesome.

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