it’s a dry heat

How many times have I heard, it’s a dry heat when describing high temperatures in Arizona? Seems there is the thought that when one is in a dry climate with high temps, it won’t really feel that hot.

I beg to differ. Hot is hot. It’s been awfully hot here these past few days. Desert hot.

Still, we set out on an urban scenic drive today.

We pulled into a trail area which wandered along a dry wash.

It was very informative. And very hot as well. We didn’t let a little dry heat stop us.

Everything that grew along the wash was identified by sign.

A lovely mix of yellow wildflowers grew along the wash.

Other sights told how punishing this environment can be.

Just down the road we came upon a series of boulders piled high. I’m so curious about their origin. Perhaps a bit of geology reading is in order.


We followed this time in the sun, with a brief stop at a local park. We fully intended to walk through the grounds, seeking out public art. But… that dry heat was just too much.  This is April and I was surprised by the upper 90’s — I’ve been here in August and all I can say is that was an extreme experience.

img_0278Leaving this place we headed to The Blind Pig. It was delicious and delightful – and a respite as well.

Today is the twins’ birthday.  I’m so grateful my make-up trip coincided with this time to celebrate their lives. The past few days of living together have been rich with story-telling, memories, and always, laughter.


Tomorrow I’ll be on my way back home. Traveling mercies.

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