good friday rumbling

There is quite a lot of rumbling outside my window this morning. It’s the sound thunder makes in the mountains as it skips over the hills and valleys where I live.

It was preceded by the weather alarm jarring me awake, telling me to seek cover in the lower level of my home. Right now!

The thundering warning message was preceded by a 2am hour-long vigil at my church, where I “stayed awake with Christ”.

The vigil was preceded by a two hour late night drive from Atlanta where Beth and I had attended the Maundy Thursday service at an Episcopal parish in a neighborhood just minutes from Atlanta’s airport. Her flight from Houston arrived just in time for us to get to church just before the service began. I was soothed by the beauty of the church, the Taize hymns, and the spoken words; and fed as we gathered around the table.

The service was preceded by travel journeys as Beth and I each slogged to the airport through traffic jams and stormy skies.

Now enjoying cappuccinos as the rumbling in the sky continues, it will soon be time to return to my church for the Good Friday service. I expect to find rumblings of another kind as we hear the Gospel and read the Passion.

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