round, not sharp

When I gaze around me in this place, I realize more often than not, there is a roundness about me.

The adobe structures.

My cappuccinos.

My meals.

Fruit and flowers.

God’s creatures.

And clouds.

Round. Roundness.

I’m especially aware of these round sights because right now I’ve too much “sharp, sharpness” within me. The sharpness of pain.

I’ve been prayed over by my best friend. I’ve been prayed for by many. I was sent off with tokens to create a healing altar in my space here.

I’ve been told my healing will be slow. And so it is. In the meantime, I’ll be on the lookout for round as I move about in my sharpness.

3 thoughts on “round, not sharp”

  1. I’m at camp Allen. When I’m here I typically try to see crosses. This trip I believe I’ll look for round things, circles, soft and malleable.

    I hope you’ve felt my long-distance prayers for your healing.

    With love and joy – and round hugs! OOOOOOOO


  2. So good to learn of the nourishment you’ve found in Taos, through meals and kindness directed toward you. May these healing touches and prayers continue to ease the “sharpness” you feel. It’s so enjoyable traveling with you on this journey to improved health you’re finding. A little step in this long tough recovery you face. Keep battling. And know you’ not going it alone.


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