never ready

Today I was asked by my brother “where is your last blog about the Taos trip?” As I generally wrap up my travel with an end blog, he wondered where it was. Well, it had been written, just never posted. I’m glad for the reminder to complete this travel blog, especially in light of the significance of this particular travel experience.

Eight days sounded like a very long time when I arrived in New Mexico. It seemed a luxury of time. I had never stayed this long in Taos.

This “substitute” trip was way beyond what one thinks of as a substitute. It was a fabulous trip unto itself.

Still, I was not ready to leave when we reached the eighth day. But then, I’m never really ready to end my travels.

It does help, though, to have another trip scheduled.

What is it about travel for me? I live in a place of the country that is in itself a destination. Yet I yearn to take my seat in the sky to fly to another place. Part of it is certainly the gift of flight, as for so many years I could not travel by air. And, too, it is me – it’s what I do. I take flight, and I soar!

Traveling mercies.

3 thoughts on “never ready”

  1. This was a great blog; beautiful pictures, and creative thoughts. Loved your “roundness” comparisons. Absolutely fantastic and you wonder why you like to travel? Some one mentioned to me once that we have all been given a gift and maybe sometimes they are not recognized but yours is very evident ! Obviously, yours is traveling to allow you the utmost opportunity to share with photography your wonderful creative thoughts and musings regarding the sights you see ! You have such a great gift and you share it with all of us who may live a bit mundanely and do not have the gift you have been given. You better keep using it !! We all need to be a part of your sharing.

    So sorry you are hurting so much !


  2. Commented on your blog, but it said I was anonymous. Actually, I sort of feel that way, but I hope you will read these comments as they are so accurate about you !

    Love, Marty



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