transition or destination

I had a conversation yesterday about transition and/or destination. That struck me as I wonder if I’m in transition with respect to my health situation, or whether or not I have arrived at my destination. Oh my gosh say it isn’t so! And certainly I believe this just cannot be my destination. Still, at times….I’m discouraged.

Yet as I write this I have taken my seat in my chair in the sky. Yep, I’m on trip #405.

This morning Evan dropped me off at the airport and waved goodbye as I wended my own way to curbside bag checking. All by myself! That was an unexpected transition.

Later, as I was pushed toward the plane train I found myself engaged in conversation with my pusher and a 2nd pusher who was walking alongside, not pushing. Anyway, we talked about transitions. Destinations.

I wrote down her words. “We’re always in transition”. Followed by “better to be in transition than in decomposition.” Well, yes.

Next up was the elevator ride up to the gates, where I joined another wheelchair rider. Packed in we were literally face to face. So we introduced ourselves. I guess I gave the impression of high energy. Imagine, accomplishing this while seated in a wheelchair.

As we were removed from the elevator, she exclaimed “I hear the fire in you!”.

Lastly, as I mentioned in a previous blog, a friend suggested I turn my wheelchair into a walker after the pusher parks me and leaves me sitting.

You better believe I transitioned that wheelchair into a walker and took off. As I passed a guy he spun around and cried out “you’ve got it backwards!” I replied “I’m free!”

I do realize I have a difficult road ahead in my period of transition. As I sit here, I’ve got Brandi Carlile singing in my ears, “there’s a road left behind me that I’d rather not speak of, and a hard one ahead of me too”. Very hard.

For now, I’ve transitioned from Eastern Daylight Time to Central Daylight Time. I’m here for a best friend’s birthday party. All the guests are to bring dessert. I’ll be bringing a giant tub of Freddy’s frozen custard. Delicious joy ahead with sweetness of friends and desserts.

Traveling mercies.

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