birthday joy

Today is my best friend’s birthday. It’s the reason for my visit. She came to visit me in July to celebrate my birthday. Two friends traversing miles for the milestones.

We began the day at 2nd Cup, a coffee house she had wanted to check out. One thing about this place – all proceeds go toward programs that have to do with stopping human trafficking, and programs to help those caught up in this web.

It was all delicious, and such a fine start to this day. After breakfast I dropped Beth off at work.

I’m loving driving around downtown Houston where she works. I’m really taken by the reflections of buildings on buildings.

When I lived in Houston, I worked in The Texas Medical Center. My route to work took me past flower shops lined up along Fannin Street. Every Monday I stopped at one or another of the many shops to purchase flowers for my office. It was a gift to myself that pleased my co-workers as well.

I returned to one of those shops today.

As I dropped Beth off at work, she reminded me that sunflowers were her favorite flowers. Got it!

There’s a party tomorrow. As I mentioned, everyone is to bring a dessert. My plan was to bring Freddy’s custard. I decided a better plan would be to head north today to Connie’s Frozen Custard. It’s the pinnacle of frozen custard, and this is a special birthday after all.

I thought we might need to do a taste test tonight. But not after the dinner we enjoyed. I had 3 appetizers. Enough said?

A lovely day bookended by times of shared sustenance, and most excellent birthday related journeys for me.

Birthday blessings.

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