the big city

I absolutely loved being in town for the birthday party.

It was a joyous evening with remarkable women. Rich and hilarious conversations. It was an evening of celebrating and being celebrated.

I’ve loved being in town to see large, beautiful buildings. Many new, sitting next to vintage and historic structures.

Houses of worship.

Christ Church Cathedral, where I worshipped before I left town.

Iskan Hindu Temple.

I love the neighborhood and surrounding area where my friend lives.

As we drove home yesterday she described this part of town as having texture.

Yes, that’s exactly the way to describe it. There is a wonderful variety in people and dwellings in this part of town. Texture in voices and colors, in food and shelter, in opportunity and in struggle.

Of course I loved all the meals I enjoyed.

I’ll return for more big city life.

Today, though, I am going home to small town life.

Now airborne for my flight to Atlanta, I’m aware this second return to traveling is much easier than the first. I’ve got spunk, which was required for my wheeled travel at the Houston airport today. And once again I turned my chair into a walker and I walked at will.


Traveling mercies.

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