an opportunity

not to be passed up.

Because of a chance to see my oldest two grandchildren together, I made a quick two-day trip to Texas. I could not pass up time to spend with these amazing young people.

It appears I’ve got the travel bug!

So once again I embarked on wheeled travel. With each travel segment, I find I have increased ability to navigate my way through an airport. I do need help with distance to the gate, but after that I’m more and more able to move about the gate area. And that gate area continues to expand.

While my time in Texas was short, it never felt like it. Lots can be accomplished when motivated!

My son picked me up and soon enough we were at the pumpkin farm. I find that more and more grocery stores have farm sections.

Ten CHOICE pumpkins picked later…

Always a stop at Starbucks on the way home. I was reminded of all the times my grandson and I sat in Starbucks in “our” comfy chairs.

Flowers for me as I arrived.

Now that the two grandchildren have moved out, I enjoyed conversation with their parents. They are the age I was when my children had left home. I heard their words of change and of wonder. And of quiet. Sometimes too much quiet.

That ended with the arrival of grandkids/grand young adults the next day!

The day was a gift beyond measure. A chorus of family stories, updates, and cheering for the big game – in this case the alma mater of my granddaughter vs the Dawgs.

A feast followed..

And, birthday cake!!

A wonderful end to this remarkable day. Abundant blessings.

There’s a new resident in this home. With the recent losses of two long-time pets, this new one has begun to fill the void.

This Sabbath my beautiful daughter-in-law and I had lovely worship at their church where this family has belonged for close to two decades. There’s change here with the leaving of their rector and an interim in place.

Then just like that, it was time to return home. My heart is full. I’m so grateful for the quick gift of love, of time, of hugs, of laughter, of talks – from each of these four precious pieces of my heart.

Traveling mercies.

3 thoughts on “an opportunity”

  1. Beautiful description of this family gathering. In a positive way, the word poignant comes to mind. So happy you were able to be with your grandkids, as we had talked about recently. Will there be a pumpkin roll, ending in the water behind their home and floating away?


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