So I bought a new car. I didn’t really want to buy a new car, but I was forced into needing a new car because of the accident I had six months ago which totaled my beloved Miata. Almost totaled me and a friend who was with me as well.

Meet Sarton.

I had to make some changes with this purchase. Automatic transmission was one.

I’ve only ever driven manual transmission cars, with a fair amount of pride in doing so. These days I need to be kind to my knees. I was surprised to make this transition so quickly. By the time I drove home from the dealership in Atlanta I was all in for automatic!

Sure looks like a manual transmission, but not so. Just shiny pedals and a foot rest.

I also gave up having a rag top. This new car comes as a hardtop. I’d driven ragtops since 1983. Car manufacturers had ceased making convertibles in the mid 70’s. In 1983 Toyota sensed interest in convertibles once again and responded by sending 1983 Toyota Celicas to Florida to be converted from hardtops to convertibles. I couldn’t order one fast enough!

Meet Flashdance.

In 1989 Mazda Miatas were introduced. I bought the first Miata in north Houston.

Meet Amadeus.

For the next twenty-seven years I drove nothing but Miatas. Five of them. Amadeus. Gabrielle. Clara. Scarlatti. And Chapin. The run of Miattas ended with the accident. I thought for sure I would buy another Miata. It wasn’t to be as a Miata and I are literally no longer a fit.

I’m now getting used to owning a Subaru BRZ.

In Lectionary study today, we studied a portion of Haggai. It details the story of the rebuilding of the Second Temple, a rebuild of the Temple. The question asked was if the rebuilt temple was seen to be the same as – sufficient as – the first temple. Would it be like it was before?

Our priest asked us about our own identities and if we had ever felt we had lost our identity. I was first to answer. I said I felt when I lost my car in the accident, I lost my identity, and with the purchase of my new car I had begun to reclaim it. But, she asked, would this identity I associate with my new car be like it was before?

I’m so thoughtful about this.

Any assumption I might have had about my identity, I’m beginning to see will not be the same as before. It’s wishful thinking to think otherwise. As I settle into my new car identity, I’ll surely consider how it’s different from what it was before. And what it means today.

Traveling mercies.

4 thoughts on “Identity”

  1. Sorry I had to miss Lectionary for a doctors appointment. The subject of identity looms large with me. Since I have been out & about two months plus after my wreck people have said that I didn’t look like I felt good but the true assessment was my husband of 56+ years that said the other night. Katherine, you are not Katherine I have a rubber face; I don’t hide my emotions well 💕


  2. The good thing is that both you and the new car function well! As for the cars, it is almost like having two children: you don’t feel exactly the same about each one, but you love them both. Besides that, with medical help and more time, you will be darn close to the way you were. Even though the Miata won’t. Hugs Temme

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  3. Love this post. I’m so grateful that you’ve made the transition to this new mode of transportation. Your new vehicle suits you well and will be a beautiful change to deal with, as you are now doing. Very delighted just to know that you’re capable of getting around again. I’ll enjoy riding shotgun with you down the road.


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