I’m interested in records.

I wear a Fitbit to track the number of steps I walk each day. My goal used to be 10,000 steps per day, and I was able to meet that goal most days. Fitbit comes with encouragement. I receive texts when I’m close to the goal.  “Only xx steps to go.” Or, the best text, “Nailed it!”

One of the things I love about Fitbit is the Badge Collection. The first badge earned is the Marathon badge. It means one has walked 26 miles. It goes on from there.The Serengeti (588 miles), the Great Barrier Reef (1600 miles), and the Monarch Migration (2580 miles) and so on. You never know when you will be presented with a new badge, but when I am, I’m joyous! Another record. All because I count steps.

In recent months I’ve been sorely set back in my daily goal. Actually I put my Fitbit away for a few months.  As I began to heal, I thought about wearing my Fitbit again. I started with a small goal – 100 steps a day. I’ve upped the number of steps slowly. Currently my goal is 2500 steps per day, and I’m soon to move the goal to 3000.

In the midst of this step slow-down, though, I earned my Russian Railway badge- the equivalent of 5,772 miles. Whoo hoo!

Another thing I count are trips I take by air. Back in 1985 I learned to fly once again, and now I am up to 406 trips (that’s at least 816 separate flights).  I’ve averaged  12 trips a year for 34 years. One flight a month for 34 years. That’s some kind of record.

I’ve flown just 10 trips this year. I’m going to have to take extra trips for a few years to maintain my record of 12 per year. Now that’s a challenge I’m ready to embrace.

All this to say I’ll be on my way to Houston tomorrow. I’ll leave in 2019 and return a few days later in 2020.

A new year. I’ll be glad to have 2019 in my rear-view mirror. Literally.

Traveling mercies.

2 thoughts on “records”

  1. Congrats on your walking achievements and safe travels. Happy New Year!

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  2. Had a set back Christmas morning. Slipped on ice on my ramp. Home from NE GA emergency at 7:30 Pulled off late Christmas with help of Boo, Marilyn & Amy on 28th.


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