Today I’m at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport. I’m experiencing another milestone as I travel wheelchair-assist free!

Evan helped me navigate bag drop-off in order to check my bag. From there I was on my own.

Pulling my small onboard bag, I walked off into wheelchair-free travel.

I was soon aware of the need for me to be vigilant. Super vigilant. No one is paying heed to me, to my tenuous uprightness. I find freezing in place with arms ready to flail and vocal chords at the ready to give a shout-out is good preparedness.

I navigated one elevator, then switched to escalators and trains. And walking. Lots of steps today.

I’m so aware of my new ability. My new reality this day.

It felt unfamiliar to walk and ride, moving about as I wished. However it soon became familiar.

I’m so grateful. I have prayed for healing. I know others have prayed on my behalf. I know there is still healing to be had. But right now is right now.

I’m in my chair; soon to be my chair in the sky.

Traveling mercies.

4 thoughts on “vigilant”

  1. Your progress is inspiring. Makes me so very happy that you’re able to navigate airports and more. Continue these gains in mobility to once again be the sister I so well remember. Your toughness is remarkable.


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