food for body and soul again and again

I love coming to Houston for the ways in which I am fed.

At the top of the list is being with my best friend. There is nourishment in reunion and familiarity. In laughter and in tears. In understanding my hard walk and offering a hand.

And then there’s Tex-Mex food. Gosh I miss good Tex-Mex food. So while I’m here, that’s my food of choice.

After I arrived we drove straight to La Lucha restaurant where a great feast was enjoyed.

A short stop at home and soon it was time for church. At “my” church, at least what was my church when I left Houston. Christ Church Cathedral.

We were there for the 5pm Celtic Holy Eucharist service.

Welcome to this holy place.

Friend and stranger, saint and sinner, all who gather here.

Worship was exquisite.

Sufficient nourishment for one day. Followed by much needed rest. I thought I could soar, but found out I’m only ready for short practice flights.

The next morning it was time to begin again. We began the day at Slowpokes, a sloth and snail-themed coffee shop. Perfect for me.

Yes, even the bathroom carried the theme.

Next up were spa pedicures. So many choices!

Then off to see Knives Out. It was enormously entertaining – all the while reclining on heated stadium chairs.

Then off for more Tex-Mex dining at Superica.

Oh my, it was fabulous!

A bit of shopping in a favorite store, and I was done in all over again.

Happily exhausted once again.

Today it was back to Slowpokes.

and then to The Color Factory.

This was a hands-on color adventure and activity, audience participation, and goody-filled fun!

Great fun!!

This afternoon an attempt was made to figure out how to light the gas-fired fireplace in the living room. We watched YouTube how-to over and over. And over and over we heard “if you smell gas get out of the house. Don’t use your telephones. Get outside and ask someone to call the fire department.” Yikes!

I was the most spooked, but remained nearby offering frequent suggestions of whom we might call

In the end, clearer heads prevailed and we went outside to have a gas-free, wood-burning fire, in the fire pit. A lot more soothing and safer.

Tonight – Texas tradition – black eyed peas for luck. And ribs because we love ribs!! So good!

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  1. So glad you can do all this! Wishing you and yours a fulfilling and healthy 2020!

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