scenic route

Now that I’m sharing trip driving, I am able to take photographs without pulling over, or worse, snapping as I drive. It’s very freeing! Freeing primarily for the additional driver who was troubled by my photo habit while driving.

I did take one quick pic yesterday. I know. I know.

Today I took my unfamiliar seat as a passenger and proceeded to snap with abandon.

The windshield was covered in ice-art.

It was hard to leave this morning. It always is. We stopped at Coffee Apothecary of course. While enjoying my cappuccino Beth suggested we come in July for my birthday. Yes!!

I am at my best when I know I have trips ahead.

The morning’s drive south to Albuquerque was glorious. Thanks to the recent snowfall, the hills near and far were dazzling. I love this part of the country so much.

This is my healing tree.

Vistas to feed the soul.

Camel Rock with a blanket of snow.

Flying home the sky held abundant vistas.

I’m blessed with the love of travel, and the ability and means to fly off to places I love.

I’m delighted to have you all along.

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