ready to soar once again

It’s time to get back in the air. After all, it’s been three and one-half weeks. That fact actually surprises me. So soon? Of course so soon!

This a quick trip, just three days. I’m in need of some time with my Texas family. A place I know I’ll be wrapped in love. It’s fitting that I’m flying into LUV on Valentine’s Day.

I follow the Cloud Appreciation Society on Instagram. This posted this morning,

Seated in my “fancy” chair in the sky, I would love to look out the window today and see a cloud heart!

When I learned to fly again decades ago, it was because of how much I wanted to fly to Maine to visit the Downers. They came into my life through Evan. They were parent substitutes for him for a time. They quickly became more permanent parent substitutes for me.

During that first flying trip Millie took me to Rookwood Pottery Company. Founded in the late 1800’s, it had a long history of creating beautiful ceramics. The piece I bought that day became a soap dish for my bathroom. Now thirty-five years later it still reminds me of the beauty of Maine, and even more, the beauty I found in the love I shared with Millie. Each time I reach for the soap, I’m reminded of her.

This day I’ve seen hearts in a soap dish, in Starbucks, the doctor’s office, billboards along the highway, and at the airport.

I’ve had joyous dueling valentine photo texts. I’ve been card-serenaded, and all four grandchildren texted thanks for Starbucks valentines. Imagine that. Just so precious.

Today I’ve noticed more smiles than usual as I’ve heard “Happy Valentine’s Day uttered repeatedly. I’ve smiled in return. I know this day is viewed as a commercial opportunity, and so it is. Yet, the sentiment of love seen and heard throughout the day can’t be just about a means to make money. I’ve seen for myself it’s more surely about affection, about love.

Traveling mercies.

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