return to the sky

In my most recent blog, I wrote: “Okay, I’m nourished, now where’s the nearest airport? I’m in need of that chair seat in the sky!”.

Well, here I go.

This day I will take my seat in the chair in the sky and soar to the the great Northwest. It’s been almost five months since I last had a flight. This is way too long!

Looks I’m headed to Seattle.

This is a good sign. I believe it is a happy a Friday.

Well, I’m here. Oh boy. What waits ahead?

I’ll let the air-travel-during-a-pandemic images speak for themselves.

The emptiness is what gets my attention. Well, all the masks as well.

Now seated in my chair in the sky. Check this out. It’s called a “suite”. It can be made into a bed. It comes with a 3-point seatbelt. I found it constricting so I found a way to remove the 3rd point. Piloted by a chick captain, I’m feeling a bit spunky-ish.

I’m offered an extraordinary variety of in-flight entertainment.

The very best entertainment is gazing out the window at the awesomeness of God’s creation.

Something that is on my heart this day is my oldest son. He’s a captain with Southwest Airlines. I know the extraordinary downturn of the airline industry weighs heavy on his heart. I felt it especially this morning as I took the plane train to the C terminal for Starbucks. C terminal is half the size it once was. While inside the airport is empty, so too, are the gates and runways.

I don’t know where this pandemic is headed for us. Right now what I do know is that I have taken a leap of faith and am now soaring at 38,000 feet on the way to my Seattle family.

Traveling mercies.

5 thoughts on “return to the sky”

  1. As always, an excellent blog. Your new D drive is in place and data is being copied over to it from the old drive. That will probably take several hours.


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  2. Safe travels and enjoy your children. Post again on your way back!

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