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When state leaders began to open up states or cities, hair salons were one of the first type of business deemed essential, giving them permission to open. This was surprising to me. Really, a hair cut was essential in the middle of a pandemic? Could a hair cut be accomplished safely?

For me, the answer was no.

So I let my hair grow and grow. And grow some more. After five months since my last haircut, it became a heavy load. Literally.

I had made some appointments to get my hair cut, but then I would cancel out of caution.

A few weeks ago I decided to fly to Seattle to visit my Seattle family. I would be here on my birthday. An idea began to take shape. What about a birthday haircut? All four family members – my son, my daughter-in-law, granddaughter and grandson – could all participate. I will say, there were varying degrees of enthusiasm. And a sense of are skill trepidation.

But I was all in, believing any hair style that came out of this would be perfect.

I ordered hair styling shears to be sent to Seattle. Katie, my daughter-in-law, began to study hair cut techniques on YouTube.

Yesterday everything came together. As this haircut was to take place outdoors, it was important the day be a good weather day. It was a perfect day for a haircut.

And so it came to pass, my long locks would be trimmed.

All set? YES!

Trim and style time.

Ta da! Happy birthday to me!

I highly recommend this backyard salon experience. They provide an essential service like no other for visiting Nanas.

7 thoughts on “essential service”

  1. How ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ! On top of that the color of your hair is gorgeous. What a fun idea and a great memory. Happy Birthday to you Ginny; you look fantastic and happy ! If you wouldn’t get a haircut for months, but would get on a plane to cross the United States, you must have had a very high desire to get there (or to get a hair cut), but I suspect it was to get there for your birthday!


  2. What a wonderful birthday gift! You look absolutely fabulous☺️ Looks like a great excuse to fly to Seattle every 6 weeks.


  3. Happy birthday! You look Mah-vel-ous!! Now can your family come to Lakemont to “do” us!?!! 😜😜 Enjoy your precious time with them and travel safely. Birthday virtual hugs.❤️ Temme

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