return to the sky

Yep. I’m once again taking a seat in a chair in the sky.

Yesterday morning, as I was enjoying my cappuccino on the deck, I noticed many plant deck residents seemed to be pointing skyward.

While the sky pointers were not necessary for my purchasing an airline ticket for travel today, I did have a sense of confirmation when I enjoyed the uplifting – pun intended – chorus.

This is just my second flight since the pandemic hit. I don’t expect the experience to be significantly different. Well, except for the aircraft configuration. I essentially am on a puddle hopper, as my flight is somewhere around 1 1/2 hours. No cubicle for me.

Is it wishful thinking to want to see the flowers point to the sky? There’s a lot of wishful thinking these days. Oh how I yearn to be back to full-time travel. Perhaps that’s why it’s easy for me to see my plants pointing the way.

Travel will return for me and others I am certain. The uncertainty is when.

As I traversed my way through the airport this morning, there are reminders of how I travel even before I get to my gate.

And then there are sights that delight.

I’ll soon be on my way to Houston.

One thing about travel in this pandemic time is figuring out how to navigate entering another’s safe shelter. To date I have both entered a safe space, and had my safe space entered. It’s another piece of travel, navigating in and then out.

Traveling mercies.

3 thoughts on “return to the sky”

  1. Yes plants do usually grow UP.😜 Seriously, I hope you have a safe and rewarding trip. I know it keeps you sane. The garden is gorgeous! Temme

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