It’s Christmas Day. It’s Christmas Day during a pandemic.

The past ten months have been filled with uncertainty, fear, longing, disappointment and despair. They have been filled with challenges and opportunities. And recently filled with new perspective on how to do Christmas.

In the midst of this pandemic Christmas I’ve been surprised to find delight. ENOUGH delight to fill my soul. Enough to satisfy. Enough to give me hope.

My church cancelled services because of a COVID scare, so I joined a best friend in attending a Christmas Eve service on Instagram. I know, I know – just writing those words gave me pause. The service was led by Nadia Bolz-Weber, a Lutheran minister.

Years ago my dear, dear cousin encouraged me to read a book Nadia authored. I accepted, and here on Christmas Eve I was joining her for worship. And this Christmas Eve service on Instagram was enough.

When told during the service to light a candle I lit the only candle I had, which I had been given just a few days ago as a gift from the woman who cleans my home. Tiny in size and given in love, it was enough.

A short time later howling winds brought plunging temperature, and snow!

When I awoke this morning, there was a gathered whiteness. Not much, but enough.

The deer showed up mid-afternoon seeking food – corn and apples. With them it’s never enough.

Even misdirected Christmas pj’s arrived at the redirected correct destinations in time for Christmas Eve. That relief was enough for me!

To be honest I want more. I wish to not live in fear of illness. Of course I want to visit friends and family. And oh how I wish to take my seat in that chair in the sky.

Late this afternoon, as I do every afternoon, I joined the Sisters of the Beechgrove Monastery for Evening prayer. During each service the sisters sing, Listen, listen, open our hearts. My open heart says it is enough.

As night covers this Christmas Day, it has been enough. More than enough.

Merry Christmas.

3 thoughts on “enough”

  1. Merry Christmas Ginny.
    I’m delighted it was such a fulfilling time for you.
    Hopefully next year you can enjoy things as you choose.


  2. Beautiful. Sometimes enough is fulfilling enough. Peace to you all. Temme

    Sent from my iPhone Please forgive typos



  3. So perfectly said. I’m happy to hear the pajama success story. Your Christmas has been blessed with enough of many things. Wishing 2021 brings us all more than enough of what we’ve missed through this challenging year.


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