gone girl

So now it begins. The ability to start to travel again. Slowly, with intention to make safe choices when planning a trip, and then during travel.

Just about one year ago- almost exactly to the day – my best friend and I traveled to Bentonville, Arkansas. We were there to see an exhibit at Crystal Bridges Museum.

Upon returning home, it was clear there was danger in the air. The COVID-19 virus was beginning to spread across the U.S., having first been identified in Seattle. It would not take long before the entire country faced the threat of illness and death. And so, states began to require sheltering-at-home. It felt, “just-like-that” travel, and many other pieces of everyday life came to a halt.

I won’t dwell upon the past year.

I find my return to this place one year later, filled with fraught.

The same destination.

The same month.

My friend and I have both received the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s miraculous on its own

There is uncertainty as well.

What will it be like to walk into a hotel? And then into the hotel room? How will it feel to dine in a restaurant? What about entering a museum and wandering about?

I’ve no reference. I’ve no clue. Stay tuned as I’m certain to give a detailed report.

It feels right to begin travel in this place.

A recently installed exhibition is the inspiration for taking to the skies once again.

The exhibit is titled Crafting America.

Per Crystal Bridges: “This exhibition celebrates the skill and individuality of craft within the broad context of American art. From jewelry to furniture to sculptures and more, this exhibition is dazzling and full of surprises.

Featuring over 100 works in ceramics, fiber, wood, metal, glass, and more unexpected materials, Crafting America presents a diverse and inclusive story of American craft from the 1940s to today.”

I will love this exhibit!

But first I’ll need to take a seat in my chair in the sky.

Traveling mercies.

4 thoughts on “gone girl”

  1. Enjoy this trip! The CDC is to put out some recommendations for those of us vaccinated, soon. Looking forward to that as we move into a new normal. The exhibition sounds interesting!

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