Looking at my photographs from travel yesterday, I see contrast.

Colors and textures that make one feel safe in the distance.

From a elevation of 34,000 feet.

Descending to land.

On terra firma once again.

I picked up my rental car and drove to the hotel to check in.

I’m compelled to tell on myself. When making a rental car reservation it’s crucial you don’t confuse one Fayetteville with another. Otherwise you could end up with the only car available. In my case, a Dodge Charger.

When I asked the very young Hertz agent if the car was going to make me a badass woman, she laughed and said that yes it would!

Returning to the airport to pick up my traveling friend, these images definitively said how it was to be back on the ground. It didn’t feel so terra firma.

And my favorite. Note the 1st group that is prohibited from riding an escalator.

Meanwhile, upon entering the hotel; temperature checks and masks required for all.

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