sabbath keeping

This Sabbath day is non-traditional. Though aren’t many Sabbaths non-traditional in this season of pandemic in which we find ourselves?

So much has changed in how we move about when it comes to eating and drinking. After a short morning walk to Onyx Coffee – masked of course – we entered into a changed space. Arrows painted on the floor directed us through a labyrinth of twists and turns, eventually arriving at a waiting area to place our order.

After ordering we were directed to another waiting area.

Finally, orders in hand, we moved outside to enjoy breakfast.

It was not lost on me that if we had chosen to find a church service this morning, we would be served outside as well.

Meandering through the day, we visited The Momentary. This is a former Kraft Cheese Plant which has been transformed into a contemporary art space. It’s really a wonderful place.

Currently on exhibit is Sarah Cain: In Nature. Her work focuses on observations from nature as a lens to see new possibilities during this sheltering in place time. I was struck by the labyrinth feel in her paintings. Perhaps because of the labyrinths I’ve navigated in the past few days of travel, I’m in tune with these patterns.

Walking through the space of the former cheese factory I couldn’t help but be reminded of labyrinths.

We ended our time at The Momentary with a light lunch. Get this, the iced lattes were delivered hands-free!

After this experience all that was left in the exhibit was to be shown the way to the exit by a reflection.

I do wonder about all the labyrinths in our lives designed for our safe-keeping. Sometimes I strain at masking and sign directions. Don’t you?

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