NOTICE FOR ALL TRAVELERS: As of May 3, 2021, Taos County is considered “Low Risk” or at the Turquoise Level according to New Mexico’s state guidelines.

We are finding out what it’s like to be in a a state with COVID-19 restrictions still in place.

Taos Coffee Apothecary – Outside Dining Only

It was disappointing at first to have to line up outside, but reading about the pandemic restrictions in New Mexico in general, and specifically Taos, it was kind of comforting. We are being kept safe-ish in this place.

Best of all I love being outside under the New Mexico blue sky with crisp mountain temps.

The drive yesterday from Albuquerque to Taos was filled with the joy of returns.

Lunch at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo.

Blue Corn Cheese Enchiladas!

Iced Lattes – and peonies at Ikonic Coffee Roasters.

And the scenic drive!

My Tree

The return to la Casa de las Abuelas.

An evening walk down the road, complete with lilacs!!

And the healing llamas. Since we forgot what names we gave them on a visit in 2019, we have renamed them.

Hillary, Kamala and Stacey.

Now to see what’s next for today.

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