As we drove into Taos in December 2017, we spotted a coffee sign attached to an old pick-up truck.

It was late afternoon and they were closed. We knew we would return the next morning to check the place out. And so we did.

Thus began our friendship with Lydia and Pablo, owners of Taos Coffee Apothecary. They had been open just weeks. Young, determined, delightful young people.

Over the past four and a half years they have become skilled coffee roasters and have built a successful craft coffee business. Each year we return to Taos, we begin each morning enjoying coffee and conversation with the couple.

During the pandemic year they have been open for take-out only. Yesterday while standing in line for coffee, we realized that inside Pablo was roasting coffee beans and Lydia was packing up coffee bean orders for shipment to customers around the country. It turns out one of the packages was to be shipped to me.

Lydia looked up and out the window only to see us waiting in line. She gasped as she held up the note to me she was placing with my boxed order. We could see Pablo at the roaster and he paused to give a simulated hug. Lydia came outside to visit with us as we waited in line. What a joyous reunion!

Later in the morning we joined dear, dear friends at the Harwood museum.

The featured exhibit was Santo Lowride:Norteno Car Culture and the Saints Tradition. On our family travels in the 50’s we often saw “low rider” cars as we drove through this area, so it was great fun to see the evolution of these cars from the streets to museum display.

Next we enjoyed a delicious lunch filled with delightful conversation at Martyrs restaurant.

Abby and Dean
An awesome take on the traditional Wedge

I’ve found when you return often to the same travel destination, deep friendships can develop. Part of the anticipation of these travels are the sweet reunions to come. These friendships are rich beyond measure.

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.” Proverbs 27:29.

2 thoughts on “friendship”

  1. I love the stories you share of the close friendships you’ve developed through years of world travel experiences. Very special. And I’m sure Kevin would agree when I say there needs to be more photos of the lowriders. Beautifully modified and painted vehicles.


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