homeward bound

Now the long weekend lark comes to an end. To sum it up, it was fabulous!


Lunch with Abby at the Farmhouse. Seated outside, this was our view.
After lunch Beth played Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks on her phone as we three began to dance with rather wild abandon.
Take-out for dinner from the Burger Place. Backyard dining.
Just a short drive from the Casa were the day’s end colors.
A close-up of the view.


“My tree” on the highway south of Taos on the way to Santa Fe.
Companion coffees at Ikonic Coffee Roasters in Santa Fe.
Spring green with textured clouds south of Santa Fe.
Nearing Albuquerque.
Not ready for a prime-time departure. Severe thunderstorms grounded and/or diverted all flights in and out of ABQ for a couple of hours.
At last, airborne for a bumpy ride to Atlanta.

I’d like to go back in time to last Thursday and do it all again!

Traveling mercies.

2 thoughts on “homeward bound”

  1. What a wonderful trip for you! More and more, we realize how much we appreciate these gifts of travel, Nature’s beauty and the love of friends and family. So glad you did this. I love Dixie Chicks and that song! When my granddaughter was a fussy infant, I used to dance with her in my arms to Dixie Chick songs and it would settle her down. Assume you are back in Lakemont. Welcome home.

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