all this, and all that too – all mine

In William Wehman’s video Alphabet Soup, the letter K stands for King. The king proceeds to say: “welcome to the kingdom. This is mine. All of it. Over here and over there, every last bit of it. All of it. Mine.” My sons and I have fun repeating this every now and then.

I was thinking about that line last night, after another day of wonder and wondrous places where we traveled this day. Gazing upon the majesty before me, feeling this is all mine for this moment.

This wonder of the majesty of God’s creation in this place is all mine – it fills up my soul, lightens my load.

It both fills me with awe and quietens me at the same time.

The past two days have been filled with vistas which seem far off, but are close enough to touch. I’m reminded to pay attention to this moment. It may not come again. Stop. Savor.

I already long to return. I’m keenly aware of my age and know my returns may not be returns. All the more reason to live in this very moment.

Right now. Right here. Mine.

All mine.

And theirs too.

2 thoughts on “all this, and all that too – all mine”

  1. I’m once again enthralled by your beautiful words and photos of this magical place. Mine. All mine. For sure! The vistas are so open and gorgeous. I’ve read each post a few times and love your descriptions is place, food and the connection to your heart.


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