a gathering place

Yesterday morning a group gathered just outside the Icelandic consulate. They were there because a car had driven into the old section of town, tried to turn around and instead had become hung up on a concrete ledge.

They offered counsel and console. Communication and contact. Support and skill. Hospitality and care.

The situation even became a stop on a walking tour of Torshavn’s “old town”.

A young man whom we learned was in a construction apprenticeship, was working nearby and offered to call the police.

Eventually the police department arrived to make an assessment.

“This is a job for the fire department.”

While waiting for the fire department the neighbors offered an invitation to sit and have tea while the mother sat at the window to watch for the fire department.

At last!

“We need wood.” Neighbors brought wood and the jacking up began.

Success! The car was freed. One fire department member held out a portable credit card reader for payment, we gave repeated thanks to all as a neighbor slowly backed the car off the board, drove off to nearby corner where we met up. He got out, we got in, and drove off!

Of course the next stop was coffee.

3 thoughts on “a gathering place”

  1. Your travels are SO interesting, filled with wonder!

    I wonder how long it will take for this event to evolve from kaffeeklatsch conversation to Faroese folklore?

    I wonder if the Faroese firefighters will feature your photo on their August 2022 calendar page?

    I wonder if others are as blessed by your photos, fun, and friendship as I am?


  2. Wow! Sorry that happened but glad you were helped quickly and were in a populated area. Enjoy the rest of your trip. ❤️

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  3. Certainly an interesting way to start your day. Great how so many came to your assistance. And you became a stop on a walking tour. Even invited in for tea. Very kind people. Doesn’t look to be badly damaged. Keep it between the ditches and enjoy where the map leads tomorrow. Terrific sharing this journey.


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