where shall we go today

Over coffee each morning this is what we ask ourselves.

I pull out the large map and we look at notes we have written on the map or we refer to our Kindle books about the Faroes. Then we order another coffee and lay out the day’s travel plan.

Yesterday we went northeast to Bordðy and its next door island Kunoy. Today we travelled by ferry to Sandoy in the south. Each of the eighteen islands is unique in its particular geography and spectacular vistas.

The one thing all the islands have in common is sheep. Lots of sheep, seen both in the distance

and right alongside the road.

Sheep pay no heed as you drive by, but if you slow down to gaze upon them or to take a photograph, they move along.

Yesterday was the exception. After turning onto a small road, we slowed down because up ahead “greeter” sheep were literally running towards us.

They gathered around the car, baaing like crazy.

I thought for sure they would jump in the car if we let them. It was fun experiencing such a fine welcome after so much stand-offishness.

Tonight we ended this day on a practical note. As this was the 4th day since our arrival, a COVID-19 test was advised. And so we did.

Tomorrow we’ll begin the day with cappuccinos and the map, asking “where shall we go today”.

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